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About us

Tú Làn Lodge is an accommodation project built and operated by Oxalis Adventure, starting from November 15, 2022. It is located in Tan Hoa village, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province, a flood-prone area. Tú Làn Lodge was created with the goal of adapting to the weather and helping local tourism overcome its seasonal nature. Additionally, it aims to promote the potential of local tourism and increase community participation in tourism activities.

Tú Làn Lodge currently manages and operates 10 rooms called the Mountain Bungalow which were built and put into operation at the end of 2022. In the second stage, Tú Làn Lodge will expand to include 10 River Bungalow rooms, which will be officially opened in November 2023. Furthermore, Tú Làn Lodge manages and provides support for the training of 10 households sponsored by Oxalis for the Rural Homestay project. This project will officially welcome guests in early May 2023.

The purpose of Tú Làn Lodge

Tú Làn Lodge was originally built to serve Oxalis tour participants. The lodge provides comfortable accommodations that meet quality standards, allowing customers to experience the beauty of Tan Hoa village after trekking back from the forest.

Tú Làn Lodge serves as a business location, but it is also designed to function as a flood shelter for locals. It provides access to electricity, clean water, and rescue support for people during times of heavy flooding.

Tú Làn Lodge also serves as a pivot point for developing more creative, weather adaptive tourism products in the area and surrounding regions. This involves utilizing the tourism potential with the participation of local people to create more value and increase appeal for global travelers.

Tú Làn Lodge aims to lay the foundation for gradually turning Tan Hoa village into a core travel attraction. This will contribute to making the name of Tan Hoa village a recognized community-based rural tourism village both domestically and internationally.


Tú Làn Lodge is located along the mountainous Yen Tho village in Tan Hoa commune, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province, Vietnam, about 70km northwest of Phong Nha. Tú Làn Lodge is designed to combine luxury, modernity, and harmony with nature. The entire area is surrounded by the landscapes of vast grass fields, hugged by majestic limestone mountain ranges stretching to the horizon.

Located in a prime location in Tan Hoa village, this place is situated high up and leans against the mountain. Tú Làn Lodge is designed with a sturdy infrastructure that welcomes cool breezes in the summer and remains unaffected by floods during the rainy season. Visitors staying here will have the opportunity to explore the unique features of the local culture and interact with friendly and hospitable locals.

Nestled in the heart of Tan Hoa valley, Tú Làn Lodge is embraced by the sky and earth. Visitors can admire the sunset with a red horizon in the distance, or the fading clouds on the distant mountain range during sunrise. You can choose to explore the village by bike or on foot, passing countless grass fields where buffalo graze leisurely. Capture beautiful pictures with the charming river and water scenery to keep memories of the beautiful Quang Binh.

Architecture and Function

Hotel Area

Tú Làn Lodge has a unique architecture consisting of pre-fabricated houses covered with decorated bamboo, creating a harmonious blend with the Quang Binh countryside. Each room is divided into two spaces: a sleeping area and a relaxation space with a balcony that offers stunning views of Tan Hoa village. Additionally, all rooms are equipped with a 2-way air conditioning system for use in both summer and winter. The bathroom area is spacious and the shower has a hot water system.

Tú Làn Lodge is a lodging model designed to adapt to the Tan Hoa weather. Every October, there are floods in the area, with water levels ranging from just outside the fields to as high as 6-8m, flooding the entire village. The hotel area is designed to adapt to these seasonal weather conditions, ensuring that it can operate and serve guests throughout the year.

Currently, Tú Làn Lodge offers two types of rooms for customers to choose from:

  • Mountain Bungalow: is a house built on a mountain terrace, with 10 rooms, each with an area of 48m2. It was completed and put into service in November 2022. Guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the grass fields in front of them from their bedroom. In the distance, they can see the rustic Tan Hoa village surrounded by majestic limestone mountains. The bedroom is located at an altitude of 12m to 15m above the road surface, making it a safe place for people to avoid floods during large floods in Tan Hoa.
  • River Bungalow: is a house with 10 rooms designed in the form of a flood-resistant floating house, inspired by the people of Tan Hoa. Each room has an area of 40m2, and the entire block of houses, including toilets and auxiliary water and electricity systems, will float up in case of flooding. Guests can stay comfortably inside their rooms even on rainy days in Tan Hoa. With a balcony overlooking the Rào Nan River, guests can admire the stunning scenery of the river with corn fields on both banks, immersed in the simple and peaceful countryside of the region. River Bungalow is scheduled to be deployed and put into operation in the second half of 2023.

Restaurant Area

Tú Làn Lodge features a restaurant in the center, boasting a picturesque view of the Rào Nan River and Tan Hoa grass field. In the distance, the winding mountain ranges at the foot of the horizon can be seen. The Tú Làn Lodge restaurant is considered one of the most beautiful “million-dollar view” restaurants in Quang Binh. It specializes in serving local dishes, catering to both guests staying at the lodge as well as external customers.

Guests staying at Tú Làn Lodge can enjoy a complimentary breakfast at the on-site restaurant. Non-guests are also welcome to visit the restaurant and coffee shop for lunch or dinner, and enjoy drinks while taking in the beautiful natural scenery of the countryside.

Rural Homestay Area

Rural Homestay is a weather-adapted accommodation model sponsored by Oxalis. The model involves renovating and rebuilding flood-resistant stilt houses of local people in Tan Hoa, enabling them to conduct tourism business with Oxalis. Each Rural Homestay house receives an average investment of 150 million VND, according to the non-refundable sponsorship agreement between Oxalis and the homeowner.

Located within the host family’s premises, the homestay is surrounded by majestic limestone mountain ranges and vast grassy valleys. From the homestay, tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of the area. Across the valley is the gentle Rao Nan River, whose emerald green water nurtures the fields on both sides of the river during the rainy season.

Rural Homestay is a unique accommodation option for travelers, making use of the functionality of locals’ stilt houses, especially during floods. On rainy days, the water rises and the homestay floats, allowing guests to continue their normal activities. This offers a rare opportunity for guests to experience local life on stilt houses. Guests can explore the area and admire the beautiful natural scenery of Tan Hoa countryside during floods, which can only be seen on rainy days.

Each homestay is designed with spacious and convenient living space, ranging from 26m2 to 40m2 and suitable for 1-3 people. Tu Lan Lodge manages the homestays, which are operated by local homeowners who are trained and coached to provide professional and convenient service during guests’ stays.

The implementation of Rural Homestay is a great effort to involve local people in the tourism industry, increase the availability of high-quality community tourism products, attract more travelers, and create more job opportunities for local residents.

Our Goals

Aside from providing accommodation services, Tu Lan Lodge also offers a variety of dining options at its restaurant or through in-home local dining services. This allows customers to enjoy traditional dishes cooked by local villagers. Moreover, Tu Lan Lodge offers tours exploring the Tu Lan Cave and Hang Tien Cave, as well as adventurous off-road ATV quad bike tours. We are committed to not only providing customers with comfortable, convenient and relaxing accommodation experiences, but also bringing customers unique and unforgettable experiences of the natural beauty and cultural richness of the local people. Book our services today to experience the most unique things of the Northwest Quang Binh region!