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Dinner with locals -
A memorable experience full of warmth and rich cultural essence.

Tan Hoa Village has a population of about 3,300 people, all are Nguon people. This is a community belonging to the Vietnamese – Muong group with a total of 35,000 people living in Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province. The Nguon people have their own characteristic language, unique cultural activities, and rich folklore values. The locals make a living through farming, fishing, hunting, and collecting honey. In addition to these occupations, they also engage in natural harvesting activities such as catching snails, picking “cà Lào” (Laotian fruit), picking wild vegetables, and digging “khoai mài” (local potato-like) to sustain themselves on a daily basis.

Regarding cuisine, the Nguon people have a very unique culinary culture. Their daily meals include “cơm Pồi” (Poi rice), ”thâu lang” (sweet potato leaves), “ốc tực” (snails), “cà Lào” (Laotian fruit), etc. Among them, Poi rice is a characteristic dish with main ingredients from “sậu” (corn) or “thoóc” (rice), and “khoai mài”. Nowadays, beans are also added and processed with great cooking.

Since 2014, when Oxalis started to operate tours in the Tu Lan Cave System, Tan Hoa locals have participated as porters carrying equipment and safety assistants for participants during adventure tours. Currently, around 80 Tan Hoa locals participate in Oxalis tours, earning an average income of 6-8 million VND per month.

Since November 2022, Oxalis has been offering the traditional dinner with locals’ experience to introduce travelers to the unique culinary culture of the people of Tan Hoa. This experience is offered to customers who participate in the “Tu Lan Cave Expedition (TL4)”, “Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer (TL3)”, and “Hang Tien Cave Exploration (HT3)” tours. After the tour, customers will spend the night at Tu Lan Lodge and have dinner at the home of villagers. The locals will prepare, cook, and serve traditional and unique dishes from Tan Hoa village.

Oxalis trains and instructs local residents who participate in serving meals to guests on food processing procedures. This ensures that food safety and hygiene standards are met, and that meals are displayed correctly. As a result, the food is always fresh and delicious, satisfying customers.

Having a meal at a local’s home is not only an opportunity to enjoy delicious traditional dishes but also a chance to deepen your understanding of Nguon culture. You can observe the architecture of their homes, their family culture, and community. You will be surprised by the locals’ enthusiasm, attentiveness, and hospitality. The experience of eating at a local’s home will definitely be a unique, exotic, and unforgettable addition to your trip.

Currently, guests staying at Tú Làn Lodge can book a traditional dinner with locals experience even if they don’t take an Oxalis tour, with a price of 250,000 Vietnamese Dong per guest (VAT included). 

The menu includes:

  • Pumpkin soup
  • Traditional sticky rice (Cơm Pồi)
  • Corn-stuffed rice
  • Boiled snails with salt and chili (muối cheo)
  • Tan Hóa-style ram rolls
  • Grilled lemongrass meat
  • Spicy lemongrass chicken stew
  • Meat-stuffed omelette
  • Wild banana flower salad
  • Boiled mixed nuts with sesame salt dip
  • Sour fish soup
  • Fruits

* Note for vegetarians/vegans: please inform the receptionist in advance of the number of vegetarians/vegans so that the menu can be adjusted accordingly.

Book the service now to fully experience the culinary culture of Tan Hoa village with locals!

Please contact us at [email protected] or hotline 0814 191 678.